Sheep in Pasture

Home of Nubian Dairy Goats and Fine Wool Colored Sheep

All animals are selectively bred for conformation,
milk or wool production, hardiness, parasite resistance
and mothering ability.


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Guard Dogs

Guardian Dogs

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At Dan-Vir we raise Purebred Nubian
Dairy Goats that function well
on Homestead Farms
or in Milk and Show herds.

Corrie- dale

Corriedale Sheep

We also have a select flock of
Colored Corriedale Sheep. Their
fleece ranges from fine to classic
widths in colors from solid black
to soft shades of variegated grays.

Guard Dogs Guardian Dogs


Dogs are a big part of our life on
the farm and are always a joy to be
around. The Doberman Guard Dogs
protect the house and the Guardian
Dogs protect the livestock.

Daniel Russell and Virginia McGuire

Mooresboro, NC 28114



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